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The latest COVID 19 Health & Safety Policy & Procedure & COVID 19 Risk Assessment may be viewed below.

Hardcopy is displayed at the Clubhouse and electronic files have sent to email contacts.

Thanet Bowls Club COVID 19 Health and Safety Policy and Procedure

(Version 5.1   26/08/2020))


It is the policy of Thanet Bowls Club (TBC) to ensure that all risks to health and safety, including the infectious risk associated with COVID 19, are identified and controlled, so far as is reasonably practicable.

Introduction and Background

COVID-19 is a coronavirus that is infectious to humans and is transmissible from one person to others. The specific risk from COVID-19 is infection.* During the first quarter of 2020 COVID 19 infections have increased to the level of a global pandemic. In many countries, including the UK the peak of the infection has passed but the risk of infection remains significant. Currently there is no effective anti-viral drug nor is a vaccine available.

The impact on individuals of a COVID 19 infection varies greatly ranging from a completely non-symptomatic infection, to a devastating illness with multiple symptoms requiring hospitalisation. A small minority of cases result in death. Most people suffer only mild symptoms and recover after a short period without the need for medical intervention. Typical symptoms include a cough, an elevated temperature, a loss of smell a loss of taste, weakness and shortness of breath. The symptoms may not all be present and the severity of them varies greatly from person to person.

There are many factors which may increase individual risk, of which age is the most significant. COVID 19 mortality risk is highly concentrated at older ages. Those aged 80+ are at the greatest risk whilst persons aged 70+ are at slightly less risk 60+ still less and so on. Children and young persons are at greatly reduced risk of severe symptoms but may still become infected, (potentially without showing symptoms), and, it is thought, may pass the disease on to others. In addition to age other factors may increase an individuals personal risk. For example, their personal health - e.g. diabetes or obesity, and social circumstances - e.g. living in a multiple occupancy dwelling.

* At the time of publishing this document the risk is classified as Alert Level 3 (i.e. a COVID epidemic is in general circulation and there is gradual relaxing of restrictions and social distancing measures)

Application and Interpretation of Government Guidelines etc..

The TBC Committee has prepared this procedure in full compliance with the guidelines published by the UK Government and interpreted by Bowls England. Rather than summarising the guidelines, which are updated frequently, in this document, the links below are provided for your convenience should you want to study them in detail. Personal hygiene and social distancing are at the forefront of the protective measures recommended by the Govt. and EHS and are core to the safe procedure for bowling also.

https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus Government Guidance

http://www.bowlsengland.com/ Bowls England Guidance

Members please note that this procedure is mandatory for any member wishing to bowl at TBC. The procedure will be reviewed periodically and may be modified in response to altering national risk levels or associated guidance changes. Any change to the procedure will be communicated promptly to members by email. The most up to date version of the procedure may be accessed at all times on the TBC website.

As a mandatory procedure members must follow all of the steps detailed. Failure to do so elevates the risk to yourself, your fellow bowlers and ultimately therefore to everyone … not just you. Failure to follow this procedure in full may result in disciplinary action.

Who is permitted to bowl?

  • Any 2020 Full Member, who is not disallowed as detailed below.

  • Many TBC members are at elevated risk, e.g. due to their age, or their personal health status. Similarly, members may live with partners who are at elevated risk. Whilst all 2020 full members are allowed to bowl, (unless disallowed below), members are urged to exercise caution and to prioritise their personal safety and the safety of vulnerable family members, when deciding to bowl or not. Members are urged not to bowl unless confident that they may do so safely in their personal circumstances. Members who chose not to bowl must not be pressurised to do so against their personal judgement.


  • you currently have any symptoms of COVID 19.

  • you have had any symptoms of COVID 19 in the preceding two weeks.

  • anyone in your 'household' or your 'support bubble'** has shown symptoms of COVID 19 in the preceding two weeks.

  • in the last two weeks you have knowingly had contact outside your household or support bubble, with anyone showing symptoms of COVID 19.

  • you have been contacted and advised to isolate by the “Track and Trace” technology

  • Social members and Non-members inc. members of other local bowls clubs are not allowed to bowl.

** A support bubble is defined as a group of people with whom you have close physical contact. Further guidance on support bubbles may be found online Support Bubble Guidance

Subsequent references to 'household' in this document include 'support bubble'

The following is an extensive list of modifications to normal TBC practices. They are designed to minimise the risk of exposure to members. Members must read, become familiar with and comply with all requirements.

Arrival at and Departure from the Club

  • Only attend the club if you have pre-booked a green time on the TBC booking system.

  • Bowlers must not go the club without a booking, in the hope that a green is free.

  • Bowlers must arrive no more than 10 mins prior to the start of their pre-booked session.

  • Dress appropriately before leaving home to avoid the need to change clothes – change shoes immediately before and after your game.

  • Travel to the green on your own or with members of your own household only – do not offer a lift to, or accept a lift from, anyone outside your direct household.

  • Members must stay in their vehicle or wait, (socially distanced), until their booked session start time.

  • At the start of each session, to enhance security, the car park doors will be closed, (not locked), as will the pedestrian entrance door.

  • Members must depart the club no more than 10 mins after their 90 minute bowling session ends.

  • Volunteer Office Duty personnel are now present for most sessions to assist members and maintain club security.

  • If an “Office Duty” person is not present, to ensure club security, the last bowler leaving the club after each session must wait for the first bowler of the next session (or the 'Closure Volunteer' if the last session), to arrive in order that the club is never left entirely unoccupied as this would compromise club security.

Clubhouse Facilities

  • Volunteer club members or Office Duty volunteers, will take responsibility for opening and closing the facilities each day and for making essential club equipment etc. available.

  • The main clubhouse and changing rooms will not be available for use by members.

  • During Roll-Ups no refreshments will be available from the clubhouse and all catering and bar services are suspended and the associated areas are “out of bounds”.

  • The bar may be opened with appropriate risk reduction measures in place, at specific dates and times as agreed by the Bar Manager and the TBC Management Committee.

  • Members should avoid using the toilet facilities unless necessary.

  • Toilets and hand-wash facilities will however remain accessible.

  • Members must take personal responsibility to leave the facilities as clean and hygienic as they were prior to each use. Cleaning materials are made available for this purpose.

  • Changing rooms must not be used at all other than as an access route to toilet/washing facilities.

  • Lockers must not be used to store any items and must not be routinely accessed. Bowlers who require access to their locker to retrieve their bowls or other essential equipment may open their locker once only to retrieve items stored in it. All lockers have been sanitised externally before the club was opened. Nonetheless members must personally sanitise their locker door, before and after accessing it to retrieve items. Thereafter all items must be taken home and not returned to the locker.

  • Padlocks, keys and door handles are to be sanitised before and after use

  • The tennis courts are open from the road gate. The TBC gate will remain locked and we will not be taking fees, nor will we be managing access to the courts, during this period.

Play Arrangements

  • Social distancing from anyone not a member of your household is key and must be maintained at all times.

  • Do not shake hands before, during or after a game

  • Do not ‘high-five‘ OR ‘hug’ other players to celebrate shots or a win

  • A member may chose to bowl alone on a rink

  • Two members may chose to bowl a singles game together on a rink.

  • Four members may chose to bowl a doubles game together on a rink.

  • Two members of the same household need not socially distance from each other. They must, however, still maintain at least a 2 metre distance from others not in their household.

  • Two members of different households must maintain at least a 2 metre distance from each other and from other bowlers.

  • Four rinks will be open each day leaving a gap of approx. 4 metres between each occupied rink. The open rinks will be numbered whilst the rink numbers will be removed from those not in use.

  • Markers are not allowed except in official club competition singles matches.

  • Visitors or Spectators are not normally allowed on the premises. Spectators may attend club competition matches however social distancing must be maintained at all times.

Bowls Equipment – n.b. Additional equipment, to that identified as 'essential' below, may be required for club competitions. The risk reduction measures associated with the additional equipment will be published with the competition rules and must be followed by all competitors.

  • Sanitiser is available for cleaning hands and equipment before and after playing. Bowlers are requested, if they can, to provide their own hand sanitiser to preserve the club stock.

  • Players must use the disinfectant provided to sanitise all of the items of equipment they use before and after each session.

  • Only the following items are deemed essential club bowls equipment and will be provided by the club for use by members - Mats / Jacks / Rink Numbers, and Rink edge markers.

  • Pushers, although not “essential' may be used by members on condition that they sanitise the pusher handles, before, after and wherever appropriate during the game. A single lead bowler should be nominated to use the pusher.

  • Members must provide their own bowls and if required glove, measure, spray chalk, bowling arm or lifter. Personal measures should be sanitised before and after each game. Spray chalk markers do not come into direct contact with bowls and are therefore allowed. Stick chalk, dry wipe marker pens etc. are not to be used.

  • If a bowler is measuring for shot others present at the end must continue to socially distance from the measure.

  • Bowlers wishing to keep score may do so using their own scorecard (or any scrap of paper)

  • The following items of equipment are not essential for roll-ups and will not be available for use.

    • Club Scoreboards / Bowls Ditch markers / 2m distance sticks

  • Bowls and bowl shoes will not be available to hire or borrow from the club.

  • Players must not share equipment or touch each others bowls etc.

  • One player on each rink may deliver the jack during the session. The winner of each end may request a long medium or short delivery if he or she is not casting the jack.

    • Alternatively each lead bowler may deliver their own jack. For this option two jacks will be placed at the end of each 'in use' rink. One lead bowler selects the yellow jack and the other the white jack and each uses their own jack to the exclusion of the other

  • Only one of the bowlers on each rink may place and remove the mat after each end in a singles game.

  • Only one of the two leads must place the mat at the commencement and only one of the two skips may remove the mat at the conclusion of each end in a doubles game. When placing the mat off the rink in doubles the mat is sprayed with disinfectant to sanitise it before the next bowler touches it.

  • Rubbish bins have been removed. Players must take any rubbish home for disposal.

  • Food and drink are not available from the clubhouse during this period but members may bring their own drink or snack as long as they take all waste etc. home after their session.

Booking Arrangements

  • All sessions must be booked in advance. Members must not attend the club in the hope that a rink is available.

  • Pre-book your session by telephoning the Club Secretary - Claudia Carey

    Tel: 01843 652128 or Mobile 07576668868

  • Members may initially book no more than 1 sessions in any one day or 2 in any one week (*Sunday to Saturday) period.

  • Members are encouraged to book rinks early in each week … at the discretion of the Club Secretary members may book a third session in the event that sufficient vacant sessions are available

  • Playing Sessions

    • Sessions start at 2 hourly intervals 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm on every day except Thursday when the first session is delayed until 12.00 to facilitate green maintenance.

    • Bowlers may bowl for only 90 mins ensuring bowlers leaving and arriving do not mix.

    • Bowlers must arrive no more than 10 mins prior to their booked start time and must depart the club no more than 10 mins after their 90 minute playing period ends. This ensures a ten minute 'buffer zone' and avoids bowlers from each session mixing.

* N.B. Sundays have not attracted bookings most weeks. Hence the club will routinely not be open for bowling on Sundays until or unless the demand presents

    1. Dated 28/05/2020 Agreed by Committee & circulated to members Fri 29th May 2020

    2. Dated 04/06/2020 Modified To allow use of 2 jack's Each bowler uses a yellow or a white jack to use exclusively.

    3. Dated 23/6/2020 Modified 1) to allow members to play doubles as well as singles

        2) to indicate closure on Sundays until demand is present 3) to allow bowlers to book a third session if space allows at the discretion of the Club Secretary 4) Ban on new members joining the club lifted. New members with no or limited bowling experience will be coached before full membership agreed.

    4. Dated 05/08/2020 1) Added 'support bubble' to extend meaning of household.

      2) Deleted requirement to socially distance in car park on arrival.

      3) Office Duty volunteers reinstated. 4) Bar may be opened with adequate control measures in place, at times and dates as agreed by the club. 4) four rinks (rather than 3) will be used. 5) Spectators are allowed with social distancing during competition matches.

      6) Measures for using additional equipment for club comps to be issued with competition rules 7) Personal measure and spray chalk now allowed during roll-ups..

    1. Dated 26/08/2020 1) The use of pushers sanctioned with appropriate sanitisation

        2) Emphasised need to maintain social distancing when a bowler is measuring for shot.






Steve Smith


Claudia Carey


Ian Sapsford

COVID-19 Risk Assessment
Details of Bowls England COVID 19 Guidance can be found at: https://www.bowlsengland.com/coronavirus-guidance/
Club name:Thanet Bowls ClubDate:29th May 2020
Venue address:Montefiore Avenue, Ramsgate

Club Chair / Secretary
Claudia Carey - Secretary

Steve Smith – Chairman
Secretary / Chair
Contact details:
Claudia Carey – 01843 652128 07576668868

Steve Smith - 01843 869441 07972389896
Location of:Evacuation Procedure:Emergency Aid Procedure:
TelephoneOfficeFire Assembly Point at far corner of green

Dial 999 in case of Emergency
First aid kitOffice
Accident bookOffice

Health and safety policy? YESCovid EHS Policy YESCivil Liability Insurance? YES
Potential HazardPeople Exposed (✓)Evaluation of Uncontrolled Risk
L=Low, M=Medium, H=High
Actions Taken to Reduce Risk to an Acceptable LevelAction by (who?)Action by (when?)Done
Social DistancingXMHHCommunicate in advance with members to advise on social distancing requirements. Circulate the Bowls England guidelines to members prior to opening. Provide clear guidance on social distancing to members on arrival, e.g. signage and visual aids.Club SecretaryPrior to Reopening
EquipmentXMHHOnly essential items of equipment to be used. Participants to clean any shared equipment before and after use. Equipment sanitiser provided at end of rinks in useClub CommitteeOngoing
Clubhouse FacilitiesXMMMAccess to the clubhouse solely for toilets and hand-washing facilities. One time access only to items in lockers. Locker doors sanitised before and after single access.Club CommitteePrior to re-opening
Hygiene and SanitisationXMMMHand sanitisers made available to members. Members to be encouraged to carry their own sanitisers with them.Club CommitteePrior to
Re-opening, then ongoing
Booking SystemXLLLPut in place an off-site booking system. Avoid cash transactions. No hire of bowls equipment or tennis courtsClub CommitteePrior to re-opening
Green MaintenanceXXMLMFollow the Bowls England ‘Interim Works and Fit for Play’ Green Maintenance Guidance issued on 1st April 2020.GreenkeeperOngoing
Emergency ProceduresXLMMIn case of Emergency Contact the Emergency Services via 999 and request appropriate assistance.
Automatic defibrillator available in case of suspected cardiac arrest. In an emergency scenario the clubhouse may be accessed for this purpose.
Club CommitteeOngoing
Car ParkXLLLBooking system and space between allocated sessions will alleviate crowding riskClub CommitteeOngoing
Email from Club Secretary - Claudia Carey - Dated 29th May 2020

Good afternoon everyone

Your Committee had a Zoom meeting yesterday and I wish to give you the update on the decisions made.

It was decided to open the green on Monday 8th June 2020 for booked roll-ups.

We need to wait until then for several reasons.
1. I need to let the members, who are not on email, know the decisions and procedures we will all be adopting.
2. It gives us time to thoroughly clean the lockers and toilets.
3. We also need to get the disinfectant and equipment necessary for the cleaning of the equipment used each session.
4. We also need to print off the signage required.

We have developed a policy, with a Risk Assessment and, more importantly, the procedures that everybody must follow and I have attached these to this email. These procedures are based on those formulated by Bowls England to follow the Government guidelines. As you will be able to see, each roll-up will be limited to 6 players (2 on each rink), and will only be available to fully paid up members of Thanet Bowls Club, i.e. those who have paid their £25 to Ian. No casual members of the public will be admitted.

Initially, you will be able to bowl on two sessions in the week until we see what the take up is. These must be booked through me and only those 6 players will be allowed on the club premises although we may appoint observers to ensure everyone is playing by the rules.

I will take bookings from next Thursday 4th June 2020. Preferably using my mobile - 07576 668868 or on this club email. 
In the meantime, please read through the policy and procedure document so you understand how things will work, get your white shirts and greys ready and polish those bowls!

Continue to keep safe. Regards Claudia

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