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1. Aim

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all full members are treated fairly in selection of teams for all Club matches. They each pay the same yearly subscription and may have reasonable expectations to play a similar number of Club matches, proportionate to the number of matches they are available to play, and to have their playing ability assessed objectively. It also sets out what is needed from members to help the process of selection run smoothly.  

2. Selection Policy

Competitive Matches - (e.g. Catherine Wheeler Mixed Triples League, East Kent Mixed Triples League, Men’s and Ladies’ Leagues) the Selection Committee will use their knowledge of players abilities for team selection, taking into consideration the following 

  1. Observations and advice from Captains, Vice-Captains plus the two appointed selectors. (Mens and Ladies League are selected separately in each of their respective sections)
  2. Observations and advice from Club coaches
  3. Performance in Club and other competitions
  4. Provide selection opportunities in Catherine Wheeler League matches to players who are looking to progress and develop their skills from Friendly Matches to league level.

Friendly Matches - In addition to the above criteria, the Committee will endeavour to:

  1. Give players the opportunity to participate and develop their skills at match level if they so desire.
  2. Give members opportunities to play in the various team positions. 
  3. Ensure that the number of games played by individual members is as equal as is practicably possible. This can only be based on number of matches members put their name down for selection availability.
  4. Try where practicably possible to ensure that the number of matches where members are selected as reserves is equal. This can only be based on the number of matches they have put their name down for selection availability.
  5. G & H above is also applicable to Competitive Matches.

3. Selection Process

To allow members the best possible opportunity of playing, when they are available, the Selection Committee will:

  1. Post sign-up sheets on the noticeboard in the relevant Male / Female changing rooms at least 2 weeks before each fixture.
  2. Hold selection meetings every Monday (Except as in C below) and will consider a one-week period for selection of matches commencing 4 days and concluding 10 days after the date of the meeting. This can be subject to the number of members listed for availability.
  3. Meetings are scheduled to promote maximum attendance by selectors but may proceed as long as at least one representative of each section is in attendance otherwise selection will be rearranged accordingly. 
  4. Selection sheets will be taken down at the beginning of each meeting and therefore ending the opportunity for members to add their name to the matches scheduled for selection. In the event of a shortage of available players for a match under selection, further player additions can be attained via the selection committee making telephone calls.
  5. Selectors participation will be undertaken as follows:
    1. All Selectors for - Catherine Wheeler League / East Kent Mixed Triples League / Mixed Friendlies.
    2. Ladies Captain / Ladies Vice-Captain / Ladies Selector for - Ladies League / Ladies Friendlies.
    3. Mens Captain / Mens Vice-Captain / Mens Selector for - Mens Premier League / Men’s Combination League / Mens EKBA Representative Matches / Mens Friendlies.
    4. In all three of the above, team selections are through a consensus reached by the group in each category although the Captains will make final decisions or Vice-Captains in their absence.
  1. Selected teams will be placed in the relevant changing rooms and published on the club website immediately after selection.
  2. Selectors will appoint one, or if sufficient availability, two reserves. For mixed team matches and where available a male and female will be appointed.
  3. The Selection Committee will ensure that where a member has shown their availability to play, the number of games selected / not selected /reserve will be recorded in order to maintain and control a fair selection process.
  4. In the event that player/s selected withdraw before a match is played, the Captain, (or if unavailable the Vice Captain), will inform the reserve. It is at the Captains, (or Vice Captains), discretion to rearrange teams to best accommodate the reserves inclusion.
  5. Should a replacement reserve be sought, it will where possible be taken from the members listed on the relevant sheet that were not originally selected.

4. Responsibilities of Members

  1. Indicate availability on sign-up sheets as early as possible (we all want to avoid the situation of the Captain’s having to find replacement players a day or two before the game)
  2. Once a team selection is posted, individuals should confirm their availability promptly via placing a tick against their name as listed in the selected team section on the sheet.
  3. Please try not to call off at short notice unless completely unavoidable but if you do, inform the Team Captain as soon as possible (or Vice-Captain if captain unavailable). Crossing your name off the selection sheet does not constitute adequate notice to withdraw from a game.
  4. If you have an issue with selection, please speak to the relevant Captain or to another member of the Selection Committee.

5. Selection Committee 

The selection Committee comprises of Men’s and Ladies’ Captains, Vice Captains and appointed Men’s and Ladies’ Selectors.

Selection Policy Revised Edition - April 2024 

Replaces all previous Selection Principles and Procedures documents.

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